All of your music in one place

Mixcloud is a music streaming service that enables you to legally live stream and upload DJ mixes, radio shows and original tracks for free, so you can organize your music in one place. We provide tools to help DJs, radio hosts and producers build an online community, reach a wider audience and make money from music.

People-powered music

Championing music lovers, we've created an environment where every genre, scene and grassroot movement can thrive without fighting algorithms. Millions of creators, curators and cultural tastemakers from around the world are using our platform to share music and form meaningful connections. 

Fixing a broken music economy

Mixcloud was founded on the belief that artists and creators should get paid fairly for the music they produce and share. We have unique license deals and copyright clearing technology, meaning we pay royalties on the music played and you don’t have to worry about your streams being muted or taken down due to copyright issues.

Freedom for creators and listeners

A Pro subscription gives you a legal live-streaming platform, unlimited uploads, high quality audio, full channel statistics and tools to help you grow a community. If you want an uninterrupted listening experience, a Premium subscription allows you to listen offline and ad-free.

Connecting people through music

We’re aiming for a world where people who care about music can connect deeply, beyond the algorithm, human to human.

Mixcloud: Music connects us.