In February 2021, in the middle of national lockdown, UK-based DJ and collector Michael Davies a.k.a Miche decided to host his own fundraiser. It was a whopping 24-hour live stream in collaboration with Mind Charity where he came close to raising £4000 — not bad for a kid with a webcam, two turntables, a Mixcloud Pro account and a dream. Miche has fast become one of London’s most exciting selectors and holds close ties with institutions such as Mr. Bongo, BBE, Spiritland, and more. Everyone from Resident Advisor to DJ Mag covered the live stream, spurring Miche on to finish this all-day challenge. 

For the entire broadcast, his channel was on Mixcloud’s top trending chart with the viewer count climbing to the hundreds. Throughout the steam, Miche also hosted giveaways to donors (another good way to raise money!) This single all-day event was one of his most fulfilling and successful projects, which is exactly why we invited him to share his top tips for setting up a fundraiser on Mixcloud.

Get Started with the Right Tools & Software

Treat yourself to a Mixcloud Pro account, it’s useful in so many ways and has long-term value for any DJ. 

You’re also going to need to download OBS which is free. What’s not free, however, is a decent audio interface (Focusrite is my go-to), a webcam and most importantly a microphone – an essential piece of gear for shouting out anyone in the chat.

Create a Crowdfunding Page & Set Up Mixcloud Tips 

GoFundMe or Just Giving are two strong options, but if you have another platform of choice stick to that. This is essential if you’re planning to do a marathon set, you’re going to need some motivation. What better feeling than helping out those less fortunate than you? Pick a charity and give them some support. One way to raise funds during the stream is to set up Mixcloud Tips — this feature wasn’t launched yet when I ran a fundraiser, but it’s a great way to get extra cash! 

Train Your Body 

You’re about to embark on a tiring journey. Playing records live for hours, trying to claim that top spot on the “Popular” Mixcloud broadcast page, all meanwhile motivating people to donate — that’s a lot for your body. In order to achieve your goal and reach the maximum number of viewers, you need to eat well, drink loads of water, and stay off the “bad stuff” for at least a week before your event (this is especially important if you’re planning to do a 24-hour marathon.) Treat your body in a way that will allow you to last for however long your stream is and make sure you’re incredibly well rested the day before! 

Hit “Go Live” 

The moment’s here, and it's your time to shine. Go live on OBS after adding your stream details from Mixcloud. OBS is a great bit of software as you can customize your screen to really stand out amongst other streamers. The chat room is ready, don’t forget to shout out the people keeping the vibe alive — without them… who are you? 

Reap the Rewards 

Even though the stream is over, you can continue to promote the event and cause on your channels. First off, make sure to use Mixcloud’s archiving feature, which allows you to upload any audio from your streams. Plus, it’s a good idea to take pictures during your stream that you can repost on your socials, a fun idea is also to take screenshots of the chatroom to show your community and shoutout donors who helped you out! 


Have fun! Your audience will see that passion and it will energize them during your live stream. Don’t forget to shout your donors out, play the music you love, and make sure to share how much you raised in the end— it will give your audience (and you!) a sense of accomplishment. 

Happy fundraising!

Check out Miche's Mixcloud channel to stay up to date with his shows.

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