Charts are an easy way to stay plugged in to what’s trending on Mixcloud and in different regions of the world. Every week our charts refresh to showcase hundreds of newly uploaded shows, and there are variables that influence chart fluctuations more than others. 

We know that your ranking in the Mixcloud charts plays a huge factor in your content’s discoverability on the platform, especially as you work to build your community. So in an effort to be more transparent, we’d like to offer some insider knowledge on the most impactful ways to boost your chart ranking on and off Mixcloud.

In this article, we’ll walk you through our chart algorithms, how they work, and tips and tricks on how to leverage this information to your advantage. 

How do Mixcloud Charts work:  

There are 28 charts on Mixcloud. Or in other words, there’s the chart for every genre listed and it’s on its own page (i.e Deep House) So when a show is uploaded to Mixcloud it’s filtered according to its primary genre tag and consequently placed in a distinct chart. 

Now here’s the catch; in order to keep the charts fair and constantly refreshing, any show will only be able to rank within its first week (since upload.) But there are factors that can help you reach the top. Chart rankings fluctuate based on engagement i.e how many favorites, shares, and listens your shows generate. We also monitor external sources such as your social media channels to help determine where you rank.

Longer listens and external shares influence chart positions more than any other aspect. This is because we care strongly about authentic engagement vs. shallow plays (i.e. fans genuinely wanting to listen to your shows all the way through). 

What you can do:  

On Mixcloud 

  • We can’t understate the importance of genre-tagging, especially primary tagging. This will ensure that you’re more discoverable and more likely to land on the genre-specific charts.

  • Communicate to your fans that longer listens have the most impact and share any ideas on how they can help you rank this way (like promoting your show as the perfect cleaning tracklist!)  

Off Mixcloud 

  • Make sure you promote your shows beyond Mixcloud and tag any featured artists or guests (so they can re-share) as this will boost you up in the charts.

  • Schedule social media posts in the days following the upload of your show to keep the heat on and drive more listens.


Of course, there are other factors that contribute to your show’s success and discoverability, (like your social media habits) but most important is your consistency. We like to remind our users that nothing leaves a stronger impression on a fanbase than regularly seeing your content on their feeds.