Mixcloud is a platform built with creators in mind. But it’s also a vast community of like-minded people who love music, go out and party, and genuinely care about the artists and DJs they follow. That listener base is an important part of Mixcloud’s global network, so if you want to tap into it, it’s important to nurture your connections with them.

We know that growing your following is important to your own personal journey, on and off Mixcloud, so we've broken it down to a few easy ways to reach new fans on the platform. With over 400 genre charts and 1000 sub-genre tags on the platform, you can hone in on the right listeners for your content. In this article, we’ll run through content strategy, tagging, and on on-platform (and a few off-platform) tips to help you grow your following. 

Tag Your Shows and Live Streams Accurately 

There are countless global communities connecting on Mixcloud, and tags are your way to uncover and be discovered by those networks. What’s more, when viewers are looking for a live stream to join they’ll likely filter their options by genre, so make sure your streams are discoverable using the right genre tags. 

For an in-depth look at how to tag your shows and streams on Mixcloud, check out this article. 

Encourage Your Listeners To Engage 

Remind your fans to favorite, comment, and share your shows, especially within the first week. In order to keep our charts fair, shows can only rank in their first week since upload, and when listeners show love for your content this way, it contributes to your chart ranking! More importantly, find interesting ways to motivate your fans to listen for longer, like promoting your show as the perfect workout playlist! Our chart system prioritizes authentic engagement vs. shallow plays, so that means fans that genuinely want to listen to your shows all the way through. You can also find out how long users are listening to your shows with Pro Stats.

Go Live 

If you’re new to live streaming, no stress. Check out this article to get you started. Going live is not only the perfect way to get more creative, but it will also help make your channel more visible on Mixcloud, specifically on the live discovery page. Here are some tips on getting more viewers for your streams. 

Use Stats to Compare Your Shows 

Engagement Stats help you see the bigger picture. Where are your top listeners streaming from? Which one of your shows does everyone have on repeat right now? You can find out all this by using the array of statistics available in your Mixcloud Pro membership (basic stats are also available to free users). Using this tool can really help to guide you when thinking about the theme or guests for your next show, based on the listening habits of your community.

Get to Know Your Listeners with Posts 

Posts are like your very own Mixcloud newsletter! Unlike Instagram or Facebook, there is no algorithm standing in the way of you connecting with your followers. Now that you have a direct channel to your followers, why not discover what works and what doesn’t? For example, you can use Posts to ask your followers which type of mix they enjoy, and why. You could also ask what length of live streams they prefer, or what genres they’re looking to discover — the possibilities are endless.

Brand Your Channel 

Having a strong visual identity (like a logo, press photos, or graphics) helps people recognize you and your brand on different platforms. It’s important to use the same visuals consistently across all your socials, merch, and anyway, you express yourself online. To learn more about customizing your channel, read this tutorial

Make Sure Your Channel is Easy to Find 

Make sure your channel link is visible and accessible on your social profiles. This could be part of a Linktree or Linkin.bio, or you can simply use the URL of your channel as your main link on socials. Top tip: make sure you post something on your socials for every show you upload on Mixcloud, and in that encourage them to follow or subscribe. 

Work with Other Creators 

Connect and collaborate with other artists so that your shows have the potential to hit new online communities when you're sharing your shows on social networks. An easy way of doing this is to repost each other’s shows (both on Mixcloud and socials) or — if you want a challenge — invite them as a guest on your mixes. Together, you can grow your skill set, audience, and more. Find out the perks of collaborating with other DJs with Booty Bass Collective.

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