DJ Hunny Bee is an L.A based DJ known to bring the same energy online as she does live. As a social media sensation, she’s not only killing it on Mixcloud, but has grown over 300K followers on TikTok and Instagram. Today, continues to build an organic following through her mashups and mini-mixes.

As a DJ who understands how to promote herself through multimedia content (i.e not just mixes) she’s the perfect person to walk you through some best practices, tips and tricks, and long-term lessons to help your boost your DJ brand.

Schedule Time for Content Creation

As DJs, we juggle quite a lot between downloading and organizing music, preparing for shows and managing life in general. You’re not always going to have time to spontaneously create content. If you want to ensure it gets done, set aside some time in your schedule to create all the content you’ve been wanting to post. 

Be Consistent

Consistency is incredibly important to social media growth. Consistent content, consistent mix releases, all so your followers will start to expect to see you in their feeds. Consistency doesn’t have to mean every day, it can be every week, every month or every quarter. Whatever your schedule allows, be consistent and commit to your success.

Connect with Your Followers (or online friends!) on a Weekly Basis

Even if you aren’t posting a mix, a TikTok or Reel, you can connect with your followers in small ways throughout the week via Mixcloud Posts, Instagram Stories or Twitter. I personally like to share what songs I’m currently listening to or my thoughts on new albums that drop. This is something that can be as quick and easy sharing a mix on Mixcloud, using a screenshot of album cover for your stories, or even reposting another artist’s release. 

Invest in a Photographer or Videographer

This can be tough starting out as it costs money to bring a photographer or videographer along to your shows. I’m still figuring this out myself but it is something that takes my content to another level. It makes it look super professional and generally boosts my brand. If money is an issue, find a loyal friend who can use our phone and record your sets. Remind them to also snap photos of you throughout the show. The more content the better. 

Have Fun and Let Go

This sounds cheesy but your energy really does translate through the screen when you’re live, or sharing a video. You’re a DJ, so, someone who’s in charge of helping people have fun! Make sure you’re sharing your authentic self with people and give them a little taste of what they might experience when they come see you live or tune into one of your streams. 

As an artist sharing your creativity to the world it can be nerve-wracking. I get nervous all the time but I always remind myself that if I like it and think it’s dope then others will too! 

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