For many creators, when it comes to starting out DJing or making music, the journey starts solo. Spinning CDJs for the first time, opening up a production kit or uploading your first track, these are valuable parts of the journey, etched in their memories forever.

With the rise of platforms such as Splice, Bandcamp and Mixcloud ourselves, controlling your own creative journey has been given a new meaning with infinite possibilities for aspiring creatives. These can be professional, such as new technologies and opportunities that enable you to display your work online and IRL. But they can also be personal, as creators pick up skills that could serve them for life, such as communication and relationship management. Scroll down for some of the biggest benefits of creative independence.

Ownership and maximum productivity

First and foremost, ownership is the key benefit of being independent. You control your music, own the rights to it and are able to dictate how it’s used and where it lives. Certain aspects of the creative process, understandably, can be daunting, especially when it comes to distributing your work. But it can also be incredibly empowering as it allows the freedom to control what you release outside of any perceived release cycle framework, such as record labels or distribution companies.

With Mixcloud, you can go direct to your fans, using Mixcloud Pro to spin tracks live, generate income from your streams, and share exclusive content to your most loyal fans. Not only does this begin funding your passion, but your content starts to reach those who want it the most. Meanwhile, tools such as Splice’s extensive royalty-free sample library allows DJs and producers to utilize thousands of sounds without needing sample clearance from rights holders. Thus, allowing your creativity to thrive in new and exciting ways.

Autonomy to develop in your own time 

Whether you are scratching your creative itch or looking to build a career from your passion, being self-reliant means you’re able to fully define what success means to you. This means developing your skills in your own time, mapping out your journey and putting the building blocks in place to grow.

As a DJ, using Mixcloud as a platform for your opening sketches, such as your first mix, can help you start developing your skills. For DJs hoping to make the transition to producing their own music, you can take your first steps to crafting your first tracks, utilizing Splice’s catalog of plugins to get your sound just right. Above all else, being an independent creator opens up maximum opportunities to have fun with what you’re doing without the pressure of being judged or critiqued.

Building an audience around your talents

As a creator, what you make will eventually reach a wider community: a forum where your work can be shared and appreciated by people across the world who are invested in seeing you grow. Your fans can be your biggest critics, but the community aspect of creation is vital for your development.

Using the Posts feature to communicate with your audience, you can alert them to your new radio show, mix or track and call for feedback, which will be valuable in how you approach your next creation. Powered by your growing fanbase, you can also build your confidence in sharing your mixes or music to forums outside of Mixcloud, such as Splice’s popular Discord channel, home to over 30,000 members. Taking the steps to communicate with your fans as they grow, in turn, will aid you in the long run.

Collaboration becomes a bonus 

Working with other creators can greatly inspire your ideas for your own content, or even how you understand the technical art of DJing, mixing or music making. But when you’re self-reliant, rather than being financially or creatively necessary, you can work with others out of the love of your art and the passion of sharing and embracing new energies and musical flavors. As a result, you can link up with other creators that you have commonalities with and, whether the result is released to the public or not, the bonus of collaboration can reimagine how you approach your own creativity.

Confidence becomes your superpower

Being consistent in your output builds and validates your own confidence in your ability to be a creator and ride your own wave. It seasons you so that actions like blending tracks together, picking the best snare or even communicating with your fans appear less daunting. With increased confidence, your ideas for your content will continue to soar, and you may find new ways in which to maximize your talent, whether that’s performing live or working with others. Content creation is ultimately what you make of it and with confidence, the possibilities are endless.

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