DJ Blighty’s story is one of dedication to the craft. He joined Mixcloud after all his content was inexplicably (and without warning) deleted from his SoundCloud channel. But that didn’t stop him, he rebranded himself as “I’m DJ Blighty - Who The Hell Are You” – his now celebrated tag line. 

Born in Cardiff, Wales, DJ Blighty a.k.a Adam Blight started DJing seriously in 2015. He grew an incredibly loyal community of over 139,000 followers on Mixcloud and this helped him make a name for himself in dance music internationally. Having now released several records as an artist, Blighty has a lot to offer for young, up-and-coming DJs and producers when it comes to standing out in a crowded market, and what to prioritize when promoting yourself online. 

Read on to find out what essential skills have helped DJ Blighty get to where he is today.

1. Stay Consistent

This applies to any craft and “is the most important ingredient to success.” for DJ Blighty. Over the space of 5 years, he uploaded a new mix every single week without fail. Admittedly it was hard to keep up with considering his gig schedules and life generally, but the trick is never to lose sight of the goal. “I was driven by the growth and knowing that I was reaching new fans who appreciated my weekly output” Blighty explains, and “that motivated me in itself. But this didn’t happen overnight, I think for the first 6 months or so it was slow. Just keep at it.”

2. Do It For The Right Reasons

When it comes to the creative world “your passion will always shine through” he says, and reminds us that if “you’re in it for the wrong reasons 9/10 people will be able to feel it.” It’s true that the music industry is fueled by artists or DJs putting their heart and soul into their craft. And approaching this field with authenticity and with heart will automatically connect you with people, and also keep you motivated. “I still, to this day, get this buzz when I create a new transition or a mash-up that blows my mind, and I think that resonates with my listeners.”

3. Manage Your Expectations

DJ Blighty talks about  the "snowball effect” as a useful concept  to keep in mind when you’re building a career from a bedroom to a professional DJ. “Just think of a snowball, it starts off as one flake of snow, and gradually builds, picking up more and more snow. Along the way, it might slow, but it keeps getting bigger— growing. Even a single snowflake (which in this is a single follower or fan) is one more than you had yesterday.” DJ Blighty’s metaphor is the perfect example to show that it’s the small things (i.e the snowflake) that make a snowball. 

Success is made up of small, even tiny victories that deserve just as much attention. “Don’t let yourself get into the mindset of building thousands of loyal fans overnight, this is very unlikely to happen. Switch your focus on looking after the ones you already have. Connect with them, even on a personal level, if they show you love or support, show it back,” Blighty states. And you would be very surprised how far small gestures like this can go. Many of the opportunities throughout DJ Blighty’s career have come from connecting with people who came across his music/mixes, “and that alone has led me to doing shows in countries I would have never predicted. It’s crazy when you think about it, and I still find it extremely humbling when I visit a new country and someone knows me for my work.”


Remember. This doesn’t happen overnight, it took time, consistency, and a deep commitment to the craft. 

Discover DJ Blighty on Mixcloud here. Make sure to look out for his Summer Vibes series!  

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