November 2022

Changes to Mixcloud


Nico here, CEO and co-founder of Mixcloud. Today we’re announcing changes to the platform:

From December 1st, we’re introducing a maximum allowance of 10 published shows for creators on the basic tier.

No shows or tracks will be deleted from your channel. They will all remain published and available to your listeners.

If you are over the limit of 10 when the changes come into effect and would like to publish a new show, you will need to choose from one of the two options explained below.

Why is this happening?

We believe DJs and producers should be rewarded for the skill and creativity that goes into their work. That’s why for over 10 years we’ve subsidized hosting costs and built tools that enable creators to grow and earn money. 

We also believe artists should be paid when their music is played. That’s why every show uploaded to Mixcloud is scanned by our content ID system. This enables us to identify the tunes being played and pay royalties to the artists who made them. 

Unlike other platforms, we’ve spent years securing comprehensive licensing deals with the major and independent labels to ensure this money is paid to the right artists. We have always shouldered these costs in order to create a fair music ecosystem.

Until now our basic tier has remained uncapped. However, as we’ve grown our royalty and hosting costs have risen and we are not currently profitable. To continue running and improving Mixcloud we need to become more sustainable as a business, and Pro memberships help us cover our costs.

How will you be affected?

On December 1st if you are above the limit of 10 published shows all your content will remain published and available to listeners. If you want to upload a new show or track, you’ll need to manually move shows into drafts until you are within the allowance or upgrade to Pro for unlimited public shows.

If you’re currently a Pro member or have less than 10 shows, you will not be affected by these changes.

No shows or tracks will be deleted.

Will any shows be removed automatically?

No. If on December 1st you’re above the new allowance, all of your content will remain the same. If you need to move existing shows into drafts in order to publish something new, all your listener stats, comments, chart positions and favorites will remain intact. If you re-publish those draft shows in the future, they will appear in exactly the same state.

Can you still upload for free?

Yes, our basic tier allows you to showcase 10 shows (up to 8 hours each, 80 hours total) on your channel for free. This is more than 26x what you get on similar platforms like SoundCloud (which only allows 3 hours for free).

You can also continue uploading as much content as you like, but anything above the publish limit will be kept as drafts.

Get unlimited uploads with Pro
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What are the benefits of upgrading to Pro?

Our Pro membership is the perfect toolkit if you want to take that next step as a creator.

Benefits include: an unlimited show and track allowance, live-streaming without takedowns, HQ audio, in-depth channel stats, channel subscriptions, tipping, posts, scheduled uploads, and more. 

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Thank you to our community

Our goal is to help creators sustain their passion in music but we cannot do this without you, our vibrant community. Thank you for the part you’ve played in this journey so far, we hope you continue to join us in our mission to create a fairer and more supportive music ecosystem for everyone. 

Thank you for listening,

Nico Perez, Mixcloud CEO and co-founder